Dog Training Packages Toronto

Training classes- are 1 on 1 and take place in your home.

Puppy Foundations 650.00

•4 week duration
•4 private sessions at your home
•4 weeks telephone support

This 4 week course covers home training, bathroom, crate training, predatory games, socialization
and more!
this course includes telephone support

Puppy Foundations
(for puppies under 16 weeks)
The puppy foundations course is four weeks in length and capitalizes on this critical development
period by teaching you while your puppy is still a sponge! There is no time limit placed on the
first class. The last 3 classes are 1 hour long.
Your four private classes cover:
•Socialization to your life both in your home and outside
•Handling Exercises
•Preventative Training for Resource Guarding – a natural behaviour we don’t want
•Predatory Games
•Bathroom Training
•Puppy Biting/Mouthing
•obedience commands- Sit, Down, Walking on a loose Leash & Come
•Understanding and providing for the ‘Nature of the Beast’ – the beginning of understanding dog
body language
•The secret to raising the calm, confident, socialized fun dog of your dreams
Four weeks include: four private sessions in your home and 6 weeks of Puppy Help Hot line.
Your first home visit covers:
•Assisting you in establishing structure in your home.
•Where to set up your crate.
•Stopping destructive behaviour.
•Obedience will begin.
•Discuss feeding schedule.
•Review your schedule to socialize your dog to everything outside your home and off your property
Your last home visit covers:
•An assessment of how close you are to being able to “set your puppy free in your home for good
and how to do that without accidents or puppy vandalism.
This course is absolutely the most important, time sensitive, course we teach. More than your
puppy- its about getting the information to you while your puppy is still so very young, so you
can begin to shape wonderful behavior to last a lifetime!

Building the Comfort Zone- beginner level
(for dogs over 16 weeks) 650.00

•6 sessions in 6 weeks
•4 additional heel support sessions

This beginner obedience course is for socialized dogs over 4 months of age and includes 10
sessions and covers the basic
commands with extra support specifically for the heel command.

•Sit, Down
•Recall from a distraction
•Tug of war
•How dogs learn
•What your role in training is
•Successful enjoyable communication with your dog.
•Understanding your dog’s body language
The 10 sessions are:
•6 private one hour training sessions- same day same time for 6 weeks.
•2 Heel sessions in week 1
•2 Heel sessions in week 2
What are Heel sessions? Heel sessions are 20 to 30 minutes in length and arranged at class one or
after. These sessions are designed to give our clients maximum support for this very important
command for our city dog clients and are always held in distracting situations weather
permitting. Heel sessions are never held on class day and can be re-arranged easily if conflicts
in schedule arise.
Our course attracts both beginners and those who have attended other programs and would like to
train towards a successful off leash existence in the city. While Building the Comfort Zone is
our beginner course many clients have commented that it’s more advanced than other programs they
may have attended in the past.

Finishing Touches 650.00
The Finishing Touches -advanced level. This is an advanced 6-week obedience course with an
emphasis on refining the skill and timing of the handler.
Our dog knows the basics now so here comes the polish.

Boarding and Training

28 day boarding and training 2300.00
Our 28 day intensive training program is designed for any dog aged 4 months and up with no
behavior or socialization issues. This program is designed to expose your dog to a very busy
downtown Toronto environment while obedience training occurs. We need our dog’s obedience to be
socialized to real life situations and this program is perfect for that. This course covers:
Owner training is FREE and really important for our clients for eight weeks. Our most successful
owners see us an average of once a week for 4-8 after and keep in touch by phone if there are
concerns or questions in between sessions if nessecary.
•Bathroom training if neccesary
•Crate training if neccesary
•First we train the dog, then we train you.
•We’ll be training your dog to walk beautifully on leash and off (our precourse assessment of
both your dog and your ownership type will tell you how possible the off leash heel will be for
you and your dog) in a very busy city enviornment where people, children, other dogs and traffic
flow by us daily
•To comfortably hold a sit or down in a varieyt of locations and situations
•recall from a distraction including other dogs
•A relaxed confident stay

While this program doesn’t address specific “behavior problems” while your dog stays with us we
will be happy to address your needs in this area in our weekly sessions where possible.

56 day boarding and training 4500.00
56 Day Boarding and Training -Includes off leash heel for most client dogs attending this program
(for any dog over 5 months of age)
This program is especially helpful for owners dealing with serious behavioral issues and major
time constraints. Chances are very high that most behavior that we find unacceptable in our dog
has been created by us. In order to change our dog’s behavior, we must change our own. Owner
education and training is the key. At The Dog House, you will get the support and guidance needed
in order to be successful with your training.
Not all dogs and owners can off leash heel. There is a standard of training that must be
acheieved by BOTH owner and dog first.

The dog that qualifies for this program has at least 6 of the following (and more) behaviours
preventing a more successful life with humans and/or other dogs – both are important. Here an
example of some:
•Destructive behaviour with owners present
•Under socialized to many public and or social situations
•Aggressive behaviors towards humans and other dogs
•Non-stop barking when owners are home or when visitors arrive
•Over exuberant behavior when guests arrive
•Hyperactivity – rambunctious at home with visitors
•Stealing articles or food
•Bolting out doors or running away
•”Unreliable” off leash (dogs that have already been trained)
•Restlessness – can’t settle down in some or all situations
•Barking or whining at owners for attention
•Behaviors that prevent them from being able to live successfully in the house with us
Usually these issues begin during the dog’s socialization period (8-16 weeks). This can happen
either because of our misunderstanding, undersocialization, or just not enough good positive
training. Training needs to be both fun and successful and rewarding to work!
Clients need to draft a list of concerns, if any, that come with the dog. We’ll train your dog
and start them on any necessary programs that you’ll need to continue anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks.
We will be giving you more information on how this works when we speak.
We feed all dogs staying with us the raw diet. If you presently feed raw you are welcome to send
your food but other wise we feed it at no extra cost to you.
Clients considering this program should understand that training the dog is not enough and that’s
why we offer 8 weeks of free training following your dogs graduation from our program. If you
want the most from our program- lets us train you too trust us- you’ll love it.

Same Day Boarding and training 100.00
Drop your dog off for the day. I train a command that we discused that you wanted. we have
discussed days or number of days you would like me to work on the command with your dog. You can
also come and watch me train, see the progress. You have the option of dropping off and picking
up your dog daily or leaving your dog overnight at no extra charge with this service.


Puppy Foundations 300.00 Consult take place in your home. Puppy foundations consults for new
puppy owners wanting to make a great start. Includes 8 weeks of telephone support 2-3 hours
-Your puppy consult includes:
-How to puppy proof your home
-crate training and location
-bathroom on command training- for you to know
-anchor spots and why we have them
-predatory games
-socialization what it means and how to do it thoroughly outside your home
-Puppy Biting/Mouthing

Private consultations 200.00 to solve problem behaviors include 1 week of telephone support 2-3

Leadership programs 350.00 are at your home and are 1-3 hours in length and usually address a
variety of owner concerns. Leadership programs include 8 weeks of telephone support.

Leadership programs are 1-3 hours in length or longer if necessary. Clients prepare a list of
concerns. Telephone support is free for 8 weeks. While the extent of the dog’s improvement will
vary from dog to dog, this program has had an unblemished record of success for clients following
up on our recommendations consistently. Client commitment and consistency are usually the keys to
making the improvements they want.
What happens at a consultation?
1. We review the client’s list of concerns
2. Investigate how the problems started when possible
3. Determine what needs to happen to change the behavior – the program, or the schedule what
what gets addressed first if theres more then 1 issue
4. The program addresses the issues – we explain how and why it works and tailor it to rotate
around the clients daily schedule.
5. We teach you how to measure the dog’s progress and comfort or lack of it -very comforting
for owner and dog.
6. Telephone support is included and necessary for 8 weeks of follow up
This program is for all dogs exhibiting:•Destructive behaviour with owners present
•Aggressive behaviors towards humans and other dogs
•Non-stop barking when owners are home or when visitors arrive
•Over exuberant behavior when guests arrive
•Hyperactivity – rambunctious at home with visitors
•Stealing articles or food
•Bolting out doors or running away
•”Untrustworthy” off leash (dogs that have already been trained)
•Restlessness – can’t settle down in some or all situations
•Barking or whining at owners for attention
•Behaviors that prevent them from being able to live successfully in or out of the house with us.
The seeds for these issues to grow were planted during the dog’s socialization period (8 – 16
weeks). The leadership program is a reset button to train or retrain. Its the second chance we
have to change some behaviors that cause concern.
The leadership program will accomplish:
•More successful non-stressful communication
•A calm dog that is more relaxed in & out of our home
•A dog we can trust off leash
•A happier dog & owner than ever before
4) Boarding 50.00 per day includes raw diet. Boarding is always in my home. Our maximum capacity
is 4 dogs. Our only requirement with new boarding clients is that we meet your dog before it
comes for its first stay with us and that we see proof of vaccination.
5) Predatory games 100.00- have you wanted to improve your dogs retrieve?…..or wanted them to
give or drop when you asked?….or find something you hid on them?…….predatory games covers
retrieve , how to play tug of war right and as a team….hide n go seek

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